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Wear what you want when you want to

In junior high school, I would dress to impress the boys in my class. I remember waking up early in the morning and wanting to wear a floral print sweater but opting for the solid color t-shirt instead because I was worried that cute boy in math class didn't like floral print sweaters. If I could go back in time I would squeeze my 15 year-year-old self and tell her to never dress to impress anyone else because they don't even care. They may think for a second "that's a strange outfit" or "cute skirt" but they eventually forget and its not worth the energy to always try and impress other people. Not in my opinion, anyway.

Over the years I have gained a grasp on this whole wearing what I want when I want thing. The other day at work, my full-time job as a teacher, I wore bright prink earrings, a comfy blue sweater, checkered pants, and silver glitter booties! 15-year-old Paige would have never approved of this outfit. She would have rolled her eyes so far back in her head that she would never see straight again. 24-year-old Paige woke up that morning and, starting from her ears and going down to her feet, she wore exactly what she wanted to that day.

In this picture, I am wearing two different types of cheetah print, and this outfit is by far one of the favorites I have ever worn because I feel so happy and lovely with everything I was wearing. I hope that today, and every day, you wear exactly what you want. Put on the fun, bright earrings, or the pretty heels, or the bright yellow pants if that's what you love. I hope you wear whatever makes you feel like sunshine.

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